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Starting this week, we are pleased to announce that for the next 9 Thursdays, we will be sharing a downloadable chapter of Echos’ Design Thinking Toolkit.

The Design Thinking Toolkit will give you a step-by-step guide by providing you with tips, background, case studies and tools for the Design Thinking method. Its objective is to facilitate the practice and the process of human-centred projects so that anyone can to adopt this method.

Below are the e-mails you will be receiving for the next 9 weeks:

       4 July - Part 1: Introduction + Summary 
      11 July - Part 2: Process 
      18 July - Part 3: Design Challenge 
      25 July - Part 4: Understanding 
      1 August - Part 5: Research 
      8 August - Part 6: Point of View 
      15 August - Part 7: Ideation 
      22 August - Part 8: Prototyping 
      29 August - Part 9: Testing & Iteration 
      5 September - Part 10: What’s next? 


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